Bedtime Bunnies – Jackalopes


I think I forgot to post these, so I’m going to do it now (as I just received more of these lovely little hares and it brought them to mind).

These two dapper wee 3″ jackalopes were made using Bedtime Bunnies from Peter Kato. Lovely little sculpts, I chose to modify their arms, add some coats and antlers, eyes and noses, and make my horned jacks.  I hope to do a few more, as he’s released other verisons of these sleepy bunnies… tiny little ones that belly-lay, and soon hanging ones that can be used for ornaments, though I plan on transforming at least one into a pendant. Fingers crossed that I work with him on some possible project in the future, but for now I’ll content myself with the occasional “angiefying” of one or two 😉



Naughty… or Nice?

In the next couple of weeks I’ll be working on a few more Tuttz from the lovely Eric Nocella Diaz at Argonaut Resins– just in time for Christmas!

Some 6″ Cats in Hats, ready for the snow and dapper as always. I’ll have some lovely fully painted ones as well as some transluscent ones in a few kittenish colours- can’t wait to see how THOSE turn out!



I will also be working on a larger Fantastic Festive Feline for those of you who follow a more traditional Pagan Path… this Fine Fellow is found with a sack full of little ones who have been oh-so-very naughty. He has his rusty chains and bells at the ready!