Love drawing these gals, thinking of making a wee colouring book/zine with various Cervari, if I do I’ll post them here.




Bohna Skully Update :)

Hallo all,

So, thanks to all the lovely folk who voted for my submission on Instagram and Facebook, My Jackalope won the design competition! A clean shiny blank Skully is on it’s way to Canada, and I’ll make sure to post my progress on him as we go along here and on IG (@powellstudios).



I’ve been sketching these beasties for some time…


My original plan was to sculpt them and make them into art-dolls/figures, but in addition to that I think I’m also going to paint a series of birch panels using gold leaf and handmade papers in addition to acrylics and other media. After all… winters in Canada are damn loooong, need to keep busy somehow. I’m also always open to commissions if you have a combinations of creatures you’d like to see amalgamated, let me know… always up for a challenge!

Bohna Skully for ToyCon 2015 Competition

So, I recently entered a design for a competition on a new base platform: Bohna Skully, produced by Blue-Frog World. I chose to submit a couple of designs, one being a Jackalope, of course. Happily, my little horny fella was chosen as one of the final 3 submissions, and now people can vote on whose design they like the best, the winner of which will be creating the piece for a group art show in next years ToyCon UK!


There is already a stellar line-up of artists participating… so if you like my piece, please feel free to go to Facebook (here) and Instagram (here) and vote for me by “liking” my design- the more votes I get, the more of a chance I get to sent this little feller overseas in all his glory!!

All Voting information including Facebook links & Instagram info HERE !!!

Aftermath of NYCC & old projects coming back to life!

So, NYCC 2014 is over- all in all from what I saw and heard this years even was a success, busy as all hell with record numbers attending and so many fantastic photos, stories, and tweets all weekend! Seriously considering going next year, as I’ve never been to such a convention, and I’d love to visit the Big Apple again!

Most of my cats sold, along with my goateed Pharaoh Hound- the last two 8″ Tutts will be up sometime this week on the Argonaut Resins website- I’ll update here when they are. For now, feel free to visit Eric’s site; lots of fabulous pictures from Booth #401!


Now, I’m working on all the older half-done pieces I have on my “to-do” shelf. First thing I’m tackling are a couple of Gropers from Rich@Triplikid: The Unigroper and Greaver. They are fully sculpted, and now primed and sitting on my studio table waiting to be painted. I’ll post more WIPs of them as I go along, and once they’re complete I’ll be putting them up for sale in my shop, more to come!