it’s still aliiive!!!

bluebirdhorned owlJackalope


Heh, yes.

I’m still around, though I have been quiet for a loooong time. Seems I’ve needed a pretty thorough recharging period, longer than I thought I might need. But, it worked.

The last little while I’ve been sketching and planning, dabbling and collecting. And thanks to a few dear friends I’ve been given deadlines to officially play and make some art!

These tiny (max 3″x3″) paintings are for

Tiny Wonderland

at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland out in Los Angeles California. The show runs from Sept 10 to Oct 23, 2016, and if you’re in the area check it out! There looks to be a ton of tasty tiny affordale artworks, and 10% of the proceeds are going to Citystage.

Also, for the 3rd year running, I’ve been graciously invited to play with the fantastic figures from Argonaut Resins for New York Comic Con 2016. 3 cats & 2 bugs… Man, is this going to be fun! I promise to post wip photos before they fly off to New York ❤