Aftermath of NYCC & old projects coming back to life!

So, NYCC 2014 is over- all in all from what I saw and heard this years even was a success, busy as all hell with record numbers attending and so many fantastic photos, stories, and tweets all weekend! Seriously considering going next year, as I’ve never been to such a convention, and I’d love to visit the Big Apple again!

Most of my cats sold, along with my goateed Pharaoh Hound- the last two 8″ Tutts will be up sometime this week on the Argonaut Resins website- I’ll update here when they are. For now, feel free to visit Eric’s site; lots of fabulous pictures from Booth #401!


Now, I’m working on all the older half-done pieces I have on my “to-do” shelf. First thing I’m tackling are a couple of Gropers from Rich@Triplikid: The Unigroper and Greaver. They are fully sculpted, and now primed and sitting on my studio table waiting to be painted. I’ll post more WIPs of them as I go along, and once they’re complete I’ll be putting them up for sale in my shop, more to come!