NYCC 2014

Well, in addition to my previous post, I’m finally working on some pieces in conjunction with Eric at Argonaut Resin for New York Comic Con this year.

Yes, these cool catz. Bongo drums and all.


I also have 3 huge 8″ Tuttz cats  for the Con, and in classic Angie style, I’m donning them all in sweaters. “cause, you know… cats wearing sweaters.




Getting busy again, and catching up!

Yeah… so I can be a blog-slacker. Many times I’ll THINK of coming here and updating, but then something else comes up and I totally forget. I’m not going to say “my goal is to post more often blah blahthity blah” ’cause I know that once I get producin’, I’ll be postin’ right along.

The last few months have been hard- dealing with some medical issues that (fingers crossed) are resolved. Hard getting older; your body starts betraying you in ways you didn’t even know could happen. But things are trucking along slowly and smoothly now.