So Much Work, and now So Much Time!

I’m one of those artists who has a day job. I like having a day-job. If I didn’t, I would rarely leave my house; the introvert in me would completely take over and I’d be engrossed in my own little universe of oddities, wild beasties, and boxes of lovely detritus; no-one would see me for weeks!

At said day job I have the option of working compressed work-days; working a couple extra hours over 4 days and therefore getting a 3-day weekend or two small 2-day weeks with a day-off in-between. And that folks means one more day that I can utilize in the studio!

This is going to allow me to get some serious hunker-downing done. I have SO many plans and ideas and half-completed pieces that stare at me crying out to be finished. Too many, in fact- I seem to be sketching out more than I can actually make right now. Each new idea gets me excited and all twitterpated, and then I go home to my shelf of mostly-done/half-done pieces and I get slightly overwhelmed. But, not anymore!


This little red-head has created a “To-Do” list in my studio and am keeping a journal of all the work done each day. This will focus my energy and allow me to finish pieces in their entirety before moving onto a new one, which I fully admit is a bad habit of mine. When I was just a painter it worked fine- I prefer to work on 2-3 paintings at once. However, throw sculpturing into the mix and I find I’ve got a dozen or more pieces on the go at any given time and adding rather than finishing what I’ve got.

The calendar is full, let’s get ‘er done!