So Much Work, and now So Much Time!

I’m one of those artists who has a day job. I like having a day-job. If I didn’t, I would rarely leave my house; the introvert in me would completely take over and I’d be engrossed in my own little universe of oddities, wild beasties, and boxes of lovely detritus; no-one would see me for weeks!

At said day job I have the option of working compressed work-days; working a couple extra hours over 4 days and therefore getting a 3-day weekend or two small 2-day weeks with a day-off in-between. And that folks means one more day that I can utilize in the studio!

This is going to allow me to get some serious hunker-downing done. I have SO many plans and ideas and half-completed pieces that stare at me crying out to be finished. Too many, in fact- I seem to be sketching out more than I can actually make right now. Each new idea gets me excited and all twitterpated, and then I go home to my shelf of mostly-done/half-done pieces and I get slightly overwhelmed. But, not anymore!


This little red-head has created a “To-Do” list in my studio and am keeping a journal of all the work done each day. This will focus my energy and allow me to finish pieces in their entirety before moving onto a new one, which I fully admit is a bad habit of mine. When I was just a painter it worked fine- I prefer to work on 2-3 paintings at once. However, throw sculpturing into the mix and I find I’ve got a dozen or more pieces on the go at any given time and adding rather than finishing what I’ve got.

The calendar is full, let’s get ‘er done!


Do you like Jazz, man?

Planning my next set of cool cats in collaboration with Argonaut Resins. Deciding to continue with my characters, these next three will be Beatniks.


Each one will also come with it’s own accessory that will be a surprise inclusion- you won’t know what you’ll get but I promise, it’ll be cool, man.

More details will follow soon!

Fetch Boy! – my custom RAAAR!

  SAMSUNG  I finally get to spill the beans about my latest completed piece.

“Fetch Boy!”


He was my submission for a contest held by Dynamite Rex and Clutter Gallery for a custom show involving the wonderful RAAAR! figure
produced by Dynamite Rex. I was one of the winners, and though I’ve been itching to show him in full have waited until today, when he was
officially announced.

It was a bit of a challenge to take the little 6” platform tyrannosaur and transform him into the 13” dragon that he is now. Glass eyes, real
snakeskin, and birch bark have been added to enhance the texture of the piece, a fine craquelure has been added to his belly scales, and
his skin is coated in a shimmery iridescence.

The show opens at Clutter Gallery on August 10 and runs until Sept 6, 2013 along with a plethora of other fantastic artists; sign up for the
preview list for first dibs, or wait for the full reveal to see if he’s still available!