Trifecta of coolness.


So, last post I teased at some artist collaborations. Today I’m going to focus on what I’m working on with Eric at Argonauts Resin.

 I love Eric’s sculptures- the clean lines, beautiful symmetry and Egyptianish stylized based figures appeal to me, I find them very esthetically pleasing to look at and hold. Luckily, he appreciates my artistic style as well, and we’ve embarked on what I hope will be a fruitful and enjoyable collaboration.

 I’ve received a trifecta of his main figures: a Sucio (mouse), Tuttz (cat) and Pharaoh Hound. So blank, so sculptural… so full of promise. This first run will be a bit different from other custom runs he’s offered before I believe- these cool cats will be transforming into Hipsters. Each will have at least one hand-woven accessory, ‘cause what laid-back individual would be seen without their essential scarf or knitted cap? Hmm-ummm.


Keep your eye on this site as well as Eric’s for more information on these three, plus more, in the near future!