Trifecta of coolness.


So, last post I teased at some artist collaborations. Today I’m going to focus on what I’m working on with Eric at Argonauts Resin.

 I love Eric’s sculptures- the clean lines, beautiful symmetry and Egyptianish stylized based figures appeal to me, I find them very esthetically pleasing to look at and hold. Luckily, he appreciates my artistic style as well, and we’ve embarked on what I hope will be a fruitful and enjoyable collaboration.

 I’ve received a trifecta of his main figures: a Sucio (mouse), Tuttz (cat) and Pharaoh Hound. So blank, so sculptural… so full of promise. This first run will be a bit different from other custom runs he’s offered before I believe- these cool cats will be transforming into Hipsters. Each will have at least one hand-woven accessory, ‘cause what laid-back individual would be seen without their essential scarf or knitted cap? Hmm-ummm.


Keep your eye on this site as well as Eric’s for more information on these three, plus more, in the near future!


Collaborations… yeah, groovy baby!

This is an exciting time for me- having a whole week off from work recently- a classic “staycation” where most of my time was spent at home in my studio be it sculpting, painting, or even just planning- it allowed me to really get into my work and finally get to start or finish a few projects I’ve been planning for a while. I’m working with a few amazing artists on collaborations based on their original resin or vinyl platforms, and my customization of their sculpt, be it only paint or more-than-not adding additional sculpts and extras.

Like I’ve stated on earlier posts, I’ve only been doing customization and sculpting for just over 6 months, so to be partnering and working with artists such as Eric from Argonaut Resins, Rich at UME Toys, Karen from Carbonfibreme, and Tanin at Ministry of Kongz with his brand new KRIZZILLAS honours me, and hopefully this is just the beginning.  More information on these collabs will come once I have more to share, but for now let me leave you one little tease of just what I’ve been working on.


Diego and Frida


A couple of posts back I showed off my Frida Strolho, but finally her Diego has come home. Meet Diego Strolvera. With his high hairline, chomping on a cigar, ever-present belly, and holding one of his quintessential lilies, he completes the pair. And remember, these are only 2″ tall!

It has been suggested to me that I do more- Dali, Warhol, Basquiat, Van Gogh… which sounds like a lot of fun- keep an eye out for more in the future.