Sun, spring promises, and ART!


So, yeah… lack of updates and pictures for the last month or so. My apologies- a lot has happened in the last little while that has not been art-related, including a 2 week vacation to the beautiful and gorgeous Palm Springs. Not a place I had ever considered visiting, but now I can see myself returning, definitely.

I’ve got a lot of fabulous things in the works; partnering up with some wonderful artists in the near and hopefully on-going future, working on collaborations that I’m quite excited about- more info will be released on those specific projects in the near future 😉

I’m planning on having most, if not all, of the “in-progress” work that has been keeping my studio table from floating away completed by the end of May- this works out to about almost a dozen customized pieces and original sculpts. There are also a few new pieces that I’m working on that need to be completed by May 31, and those are hush-hush until they are fully done as they are for competitions, which has got my creative juices flowing! I love deadlines, and having to create something by a specific date that will be judged makes me want to go all out, and I’ve been sketching and plannin’ like a mad-woman! One of these I’m thoroughly twitterpated about- she’s going to be magnificent! Once I’m able to, I’ll show her off in all her plump, fuzzy, fantastical glory.