Frida Strolho

I have to say, I love little things, and that goes for toys too, it seems.

I have an adoration for a certain figure called a Stroll, which is the mascot of John Spanky Stokes (see my last post). Well, his Stroll has been produced in a variety of ways, one of which is in sets of 2″ figures produced by October Toys. I recently customized one of his little guys into anything but.

Meet Frida Strolho



Gropermunk Feature on SpankyStokes

Had my first (of many, hopefully) feature on the fabulous Spanky Stokes blog. Thanks John!!

Also, for your enjoyment, here’s my first Cris Rose Robotone custom.

Renold, the little robot who always dreamed of being a viking of old. Scavenging bits and pieces from old couches, tin-cans and jackalope antlers, he fashioned a helm and booties which he only brings out during special occasions. 



Bart the Ram

One of the first platforms I ever bought was a 4″ Kidrobot Raffy, and he’s been sitting half-done for months on my studio table. However I’m having a banner weekend so far in arting my little heart out, and in doing so I’ve finally finished him.

He measures 15 CM or just over 6″. His wool is fully textured, he has glass sheep eyes (yay) and extended little lamb legs. He will be up for sale in the next week or so, look out for my shop announcement and feel free to contact me if you’d like to pick him up before then.


raffy1  raffy4