Fun with furballs & berries!

I’m working on a new little figure. I absolutely love the first sculpture from Triplikid- the Groper. He’s creating a series of little creatures called Lanates, and the Groper is the first of them. I decided to take his basic shape & add some extras.

Step 1. Making support for the antlers. Yes, those are his “dentures”, makes painting them so much easier- the hands come separate as well.


Step 2. Sculpt the antlers & tail. Thes took a few steps- to sculpt the basic shape & wait to harden, smooth out, harden, attach to the main form using screws, harden.

8392788649_22501a4f26_m 8392788001_b14c8cd1d0_m 8393874522_8763748c16_m 8393873870_08f06660be_m

Step 3.  Sand, and prime. I’ve primed the entire figure white, and a light sanding will smooth out any brushstrokes before I start painting. Which will be my next step.