outlet for more dimensions

Last November I had the fortune to contact an artist who I have admired for many years- Scott Radke. I first discovered his amazing marionettes in the late 2000s, and commissioned him to sculpt me an owl. Through him  I found myself  drawn into a massive new community, teased by the whimsy that was out there in different venues and forms than I was used to. Always attracted to the fantastical, organic, playful darker and more animalistic sides to human nature and fantasy, echoing aspects that can run throughout my own work.  And I’ve also met a great group of fellow artists who amaze me with their creations and visions.

It has been a long time since I sculpted anything, and one of the more appealing forms I’ve come across is customizing designer “toys”. Toys, as some of them are meant for play, but really most of the pieces I’ve seen are works of art in their own right, and come in so many styles and shapes and are made all around the world, reflecting cultural and social flavours. Many artists who do custom works also make original sculpts, paintings and more.

Simply… I have found it all irresistible. So I decided to play a bit. As of today, I am working on two blank forms- a four-legged horned figure, and a Koi-headed man.

koibellyKoi-boy will become a shaman- working on making him fish-hook jewels and a little woolen vest, encrusting him with shells and other detritus.


This fella will become a sheep in wolf’s clothing- with sculpted elaborate ram horns and a felted wolf pelt.

I have sculpting resin on order to modify these designs, as well as to experiment with my own original sculptures. Opening myself back up to this form of artwork feels just fabulous, and so far I’m enjoying the hell out of it!