3 amigos

Here are the first 3 amigos in my city pigeon series for the FRONT Gallery.

I’m at work today on this lovely Saturday so figured I’d at least start on these fellas. I love working on birch panels- they allow a plethora of play and suit my mixed media applications as they’re tough, sturdy supports but  lightweight and provide their own design in the wood-grain itself. I get such a slightly smooth-sandpapery satisfied feeling in my fingertips running a pencil over the surface, making my marks. Tomorrow… paint!


Margaret and her Sisters

Thought I’d post a non-avian painting today. This was inspired by a photo that my sister took when she went to Cape Breton a couple Christmases ago- it was a beautiful picture of the boats that are brought ashore during the winter.

Well, the colours and layout inspired me, so i did a little painting of it, called it Margaret and her Sisters, and it was a gift from my sister to her now-husband Wade. It’s one of my favorites!

Slammed, with only one place to go…

Ever feel like you hit a 

That’s where I find myself. I know what i WANT to do… but can’t seem to get to the actual point of doing it. Even making lists/making plans/telling people/thinking about it. Not happening.

I’ll figure it out, I always do. Just getting getting over that damned wall- looks so high, but once I’m there the drop down into the nest stage is actually quite pleasant, enjoyable and filled with trampolines, down-filled pillows, and idiot grins.