gonna make you sweat… maybe.

So… had all these plans to spend a few hours in my front-studio this week, priming and planning and putting the first few layers on a couple of new paintings, but my plans have been kaiboshed by this damned summer gloriousness! Between simply being too hot in my studio to paint, the sun calls me to actually be outside and revel in the heat. Inside, with the added humidity which we ol’ Albertains arent’ used to, all I want to do when I’m inside is sit and sweat and move as little as possible. Today is supposed to reach 30 degrees… again… however there is a bit of relief on its way. This weekend is supposed to be a bit cooler, and rainy, and should render my studio bearable. 

    I’ve bought some small wooden disks and just ordered some sterling-silver ring-forms; personally I’ve been on the lookout for an awesomely funky owl ring, and not being able to find one that I just love, am going to make my own. I’m making a few other woodland friends, so keep an eye out for when the critters make an appearance!


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